Upper Body Dumbbell Workout

Sports science has now proven that the dumbbells will offer a more varied approach to hitting the targeted muscle fibers and therefore better than barbells. Any bodybuilder will attest to this. When dumbbells are used correctly to replace the standard Big Four (squats, deadlifts, bench-press and shoulder press), you get better results.

Below is a combination of upper and lower body full dumbbell workout. It is not recommended that you do both in the same day but alternate. Upper body one day and lower body the next, with a day's break after lower body so you hitting the same body-part twice a week for maximum results. Each set should be taken to failure once a week.


Decline D/B press 3 X 8-10 reps
Incline D/B press 2 X 10-12 reps
One-Arm D/B Rows 2-3 X 8-10 reps
One-arm side 1-2 X 8-12 reps
D/B alternate biceps curls 2 X 8-12 reps


When you repeat this intense block-buster again on Thursday you should increase the weight that you lifting by doing at least one set with the next heaviest dumbbell set available. This time you should begin your dumbbell workout with incline presses and substitute your biceps with Triceps, including skull-crushers, triceps kickbacks and one-arm extensions.


Dumbbells are perfect for hitting the Obliques. The only value is holding one dumbbell and doing side bends to isolate the obliques. Holding a D/B in each hand just negates the effectiveness. Good for a warm-up and when doing abs. With knees slightly bent lean to one side as far as you can and return.

Side-bends 3 X 20 reps
Forward lunges 4 X 10-12 reps
D/B Deadlifts 4 X 10-12 reps
Standing calf-raises 3 X 15 reps

Because you are working with dumbbells, all the movements listed above should be used in a cycle. This would mean that to get the maximum benefit from using dumbbells as described above, one should cycle it for 6-8 weeks. So that you are doing your normal 4 X week barbell routine but every 6 weeks you switch to dumbbells.

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