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Why Wear a Hat when Working Out

There are many reasons why wearing a hat when working out might help. They could range from trying to look cool to sweating more or keeping your hair under control. Wearing a head band would be just as effective for keeping hair out of your face, if you got long hair, but a hat or even a hoodie could do the job.

The specific reasons for wearing a hot could be very personal. When this subject was raised on Facebook there were a few comments explaining that girls/women wear hats when working out so that they can stare at guys more because of the peak they don't see their eyes, like wearing sunglasses.

If that makes sense to you, then you also need to consider other personal reasons like balding or wanting to sweat more. Another personal reason why some might wear a hat when working out could be to simply cover up a bed head because they just woke up and came to gym.

Hats could be worn for a range of reasons, a woman or man keeping long hair from falling in the face while training to a bald man wearing a hat to stop sweat falling into his eyes, the reasons why one should wear a hat when working out are personal. When we consider the many different personal reasons for wearing a hat we also need to consider the potentially powerful psychological impact of wearing a hat.

Girls have openly admitted that wearing a hat while working out is empowering. Some girls saying that this faux athleticism, real or not, keeps them motivated because they suddenly look like a busy baseball player that popped into gym for a quick cardio session just by wearing a cap.

Some other personal reasons are actually product related because people also replied to a brief survey saying that wearing a hat gives them a place to clip their iPod, keep it secure while training. It was interesting to note that a lot of people said they wear hats when training because it makes them feel less noticeable.

In conclusion there could be many personal reasons why one would wear a hat while training, but you need to know that it will make you sweat more. Just like a sauna, the weight you lose while sweating is water weight that will be replaced as soon as you re-hydrate after your workout.

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