X-Size Training Program Review

A weight training strategy has moved the complete European fitness and bodybuilding scene. Muscle gains and burning fat became suddenly simple.

First I want to thank Oliver Wolter for an absolutely fantastic training plan, better expressed as a PC training system and a new living experience.

About two years ago, I attended the bodybuilding and fitness fair in Essen and somehow I found following internet address: http://www.X-Size.com

Because for some time I have been interested in bodybuilding and fitness, knew the "Big Arnold Book" by heart, and have read countless fitness magazines, I was very skeptical of Oliver Wolter's claims on his advertising website.

Everything I read on this site of Oliver Wolter was incredible, and it was contrary to everything which I had thought correct before.

So I deleted all of these "spam-mails" and half a year passed, during which I often got emails with incredible reports of Oliver Wolter.

Since I am an experimental man and always curious, and training science brought new methods, I finally thought that I would just try once the muscle development training plan or the muscle development PC program "x-size 2", and find out whether the e-book is nonsense or really contains incredible knowledge which Mr. Oliver Wolter wants to convey with this HIT high intensity training plan and a book.

Whether I continue to spend my money for fitness magazines, or invest on a one-time basis in a muscle gain training program and an online book which should enable in me the unimaginable.
I made the decision to download the program, a decision which I still do not regret!

After the purchase of x-size by Paypal I started reading it on the first evening.

I was very excited and curious about what will be waiting for me and with what knowledge I will be surprised by the author Oliver Wolter.

The online book x-size by Oliver Wolter has 60 pages, which on the first evening I really devoured.

No other sport magazine to date has given me a such accumulated knowledge into high-intensity training.
It was exactly that, what I was always looking for!

My first expierience with the HIT-high-intensity-trainings PC-program x-size:

Easy handling and a friendly windowslook makes work with this program very

In the english x-size version is everything written in english of course.

The program adjusts the training to the person.

It calculates your training with your personal data and also your alimentation.
So you can´t do any mistakes.

Oliver Wolter x-size Oliver Wolter X-size Oliver Wolter x-size Oliver Wolter x-size Oliver Wolter x-size Oliver Wolter x-size

here you can change your exercises, when you have got a home gym and you don´t have a barbell you can take two dumbbells  and note this here.
in the english x-size version is everything written in english of course.
At the first night I ordered the program.
I read the whole ebook and I was still doubtfull about the guaranteed success.
But my distrust changed after my first workout.

experience with the HIT high-intensity training program x-size:

The HIT (high intensity training) program "x-size 2" as well as all the other programs by Oliver Wolter are designed to be very user friendly in Windows Look, and the overview of the PC program is all clearly represented and everything is described understandably.
By means of customized settings the HIT high intensity training PC program complies with one’s personal requirements, calculating e.g. personal kcal intake, according to the desired training direction (for example: muscle or fat reduction).
The AI (Artificial Intelligence) calculates a personal training schedule.
Each training plan is individual, so that weight increase, break time, recovery time, and caloric quantity are all adapted to information which I enter into the PC program.
I thus found a personal trainer that always tells me exactly what I have to do, and at which time.

With exercises one can vary the weight increase, as well one has an influence on the choice of exercises.
If for example one is training in a studio where a bar is not available, this can be replaced by a similar exercise, for example by barbell curls.
The included e-book I read completely once received the software, simply because it was more interesting than anything I had ever read before.
I still was skeptical about the functionality of the muscle development and of the success described, but this would change after the first day of training.

Before my first HIT training session:

Before my first training session I had from my family doctor a health checkup, and I told him of my training plan.
He also was enthusiastic, because it seemed to be a training program which preserves the ligaments and bones, without "yo-yo-effect".

My first HIT (high intensity training) with x-Size:

On the first day of practice I was asked by the PC program to take a strength test.
The program selects only exercises included in the HIT High Intensity Trainingbasic exercises such as squats, deadlifts etc.
My basic strength was now determined and entered into the PC program, so that the program was set up on my personal strengths and weaknesses.

Day 2:

Since I was known in the gym and everyone knew how I had previously trained, I could see how I was viewed critically in my training.
I told my previous training colleague about my new training method, and he decided
to follow through with me this HIT high intensity program.
Because we are of similar stature, he simply trained with me based on my characteristics.
We completed a very, very unusual training session as both of us found out.
After about 15 minutes, it was already apparent.
Normaly we trained for an hour or longer, and of course we chatted between the sets and no one considered any well-defined time interval between the sets.

Training Videos:


This time everything was different:

The muscle was perfused with blood.
After training the muscles were very hard and pumped up.
It looked great and felt just fantastic.
When we had half an hour left in the studio, (yes my friend had to complete his 15 minutes;-),
the others told us goodbye with the words "Ohhh, done already?
But that was fast today".
Since normally I used to spend almost every day in the studio, it was very unusual for me to respond "Yes, see you in three days."
Back at home, I introduced the values achieved in the PC-program and pressed the botton “AI” and x-size calculated the next training session for me.
I packed the print-out of the training dates for the next high-intensity-training into my gym bag right that moment.

The following training days:

More and more the "different" or "normal" exercising friends from the studio talked about that, that such training would never work and some said to a trainer working in the studio, that they had heard "I pay a lot of money for each training period ..." which made me smile slightly.
The trainer also asked questions and was eager to see how successful we were with our high-intensity-training in the future.

No goal is unobtainable!


After 8 weeks 82kg/17%Bodyfat

After 12 weeks 86kg/18%Bodyfat

-size Oliver Wolter

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