50 Rules of Fat Burning

By Spartan Fitness

It certainly can be a brain drain trying to remember all the things you need to bear in mind when trying to burn more fat. We have therefore created a list of 50 different fat burning tips, which are listed with a very brief explanation accompanying them. It needs to be noted that there are specific rules that lead to fat-loss and burning more fat. Here are 50 of them:

1. Go Pro: When 40% or more calories eaten come from protein, fat-loss is enhanced.

2. Slow Down: Rather choose slow-digesting carbs like whole wheat bread, brown rice, and oatmeal.

3. Get Fat: Eating good quality fat will increase fat-loss. Peanut butter, olive oil, fish oil supplements, walnuts, almonds, etc.

4. Egg You On: Eating more eggs for breakfast has shown to speed-up fat-loss.

5. Unforbidden Fruit: Eating grapefruits will reduce your insulin levels.

6. Milk It: Adding low-fat milk versions of yoghurt, cottage cheese, and milk will enhance fat loss.

7. Apple A Day: Apples can boost your muscle strength, your endurance, and speed up fat loss around the abs.

8. Spice It Up: Eating hot peppers will increase your calorie burn rate and reduce food intake.

9. Go Nuts: Eating more Brazil nuts, almonds, macadamia and walnuts will enhance fat loss.

10. Be Multi-Organic: It may be a bit more expensive but organic milk, grass-fed beef, and other dairy products enhance fat-loss more than standard dairy products.

11. Add Some Guac: Avocados pears are full of important monosaturated fats not found in body-fat and it helps to control insulin, plus it enhances calcium absorption.

12. Go Green: Green tea helps to burn calories throughout your day.

13. In The Black: Black tea enhances metabolism and reduces your cortisol levels.

14. Be Aqua Man: If you drink 2 cups of ice-cold water you will temporarily boost your metabolic rate by 30%.

15. Get Energized: Certain Energy drinks show that they can boost fat loss!

16. Whey Lean: Drinking Whey Protein shakes between your meals enhances muscle growth and speeds up fat loss.

17. Soy Protein: Soy Protein has proven itself as a fat-burner.

18. Get Thick: Try and use less water when making protein shakes, the thicker they are the less hungry you will feel.

19. Not So Sweet: Artificially sweetened drinks will hinder the fat-loss process, making you feel hungry to consume more calories.

20. Go Greener: 500 mg of any green tea extract drank before meals has shown to improve food absorption.

21. See CLA: Add CLA (Conjugated linoleic acid) which is an important omega-6 polyunsaturated essential fatty acid (EFA) to your daily supplements.

22. Go Fish: Taking 1-2 grams' fish oil before meals speeds up fat-loss.

23. You Astaxanthin: If you take Astaxanthin with your pre-workout meal it will speed up fat-loss.

24. Eat more often: Research clearly shows that eating more often will speed up metabolism and fat-loss.

25. Carnitine: Taking the amino-acid compound called carnitine will enhance fat-loss if you take 1-2 grams/day.

26. Go Heavy: When you lift heavy weights you speed up fat-loss.

27. Go Light: Performing higher reps when training will also burn more calories.

28. Rest Less: If you only rest 30 seconds before the next set you'll burn more calories.

29. Force It: Going past muscle failure will increase growth hormone release and speed up fat-loss.

30. Be Free: Using free weights will burn more calories compared to using exercise machines.

31. Need For Speed: Fast explosive reps will burn more calories than typical slow ones.

32. Be Negative: After reaching the point of failure if you do negative reps you'll increase growth hormone release by 4,000%.

33. Tune In: Listening to an iPod can boost workout intensity and boost fat-loss efforts.

34. Go After It: Doing cardio after weight training will help to burn fat.

35. Hiit It: High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) will burn more fat.

36. Stagger It: If you do bouts of 10 minutes cardio followed by 20 minutes' rest, it will increase calorie burn.

37. Fashionably Late: Research shows that training in the PM will raise your metabolic rate higher than when doing your training in the AM.

38. Be Scottish: When you do 30-second prings 4 to 6 times riding a stationary cycle it will keep your insulin down and speed up fat-burning.

39. Climb It: Rock-climbing burns fat.

40. Kick It: Martial arts burns about 300 calories in half-hour.

41. Spit It Out: Rinsing your mouth every 15 minutes while training can increase your training intensity.

42. Get Up: When sitting down at work, if you stretch every 20 minutes you will avoid the metabolic slump.

43. Take A Picture: Taking a pic of your food will help you make a lot better food choices.

44. Portion It: Always increase your Lean Protein intake while you reduce side dishes like potatoes, bread and rice.

45. Laugh It Off: The more you laugh the lower your insulin levels will be which enhances fat-loss.

46. Sleep On It: If you sleep 7-9 hours at night you will enhance recovery and keep your fat off.

47. Chew It: Eating gum in-between your meals can help reduce your food intake to enhance fat loss.

48. Be A Transporter: If you can walk or cycle to work it will enhance fat-loss.

49. Drink 8 glasses water: Drinking 8 glasses of water a day has shown to speed up fat cell metabolism.

50. Eat smaller more often: Eating smaller portions more often has proven itself to enhance fat-loss.

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