6X Mr. Olympia Confesses to Using Weightlifting Machines…

Weightlifting Machines

For years bodybuilders have railed against machines.  In large part for good reason… because free weights builds bigger, stronger muscle faster.

However, and I’ve been a user of one type of machine for years – and that’s Hammer Strength equipment.  I remember when my gym first brought in Hammer Strength equipment.  I liked it on first use.  In fact I redesigned my workouts to incorporate Hammer Strength equipment.  I still use Hammer Strength.  Not exclusively of course, but for some of my workouts I like mixing up the exercises with Hammer Strength.

I’m happy to say I’m in good company.  A 6X Mr. Olympia confesses in the article below that he uses Hammer Strength and did so leading up to his Mr. Olympia wins.  That’s quite an endorsement.

Read the full article which is fairly short, but does explain why these type of weightlifting machines are worth using (and why he uses them).

6X Mr. Olympia Confesses to Using Weightlifting Machines…


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