Add this to Your Protein Supplement
to Grow Even More Muscle (not creatine)

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Why should you add anything to your protein supplement to grown muscle? Isn’t that what the protein supp should do on its own?

Yes, protein supplements work on its own, but research suggests adding one inexpensive and commonly taken supplement enhances the muscle-building properties of protein.

What’s the magic addition?

Fish oil is the magic addition.

You likely already take fish oil supps because it’s offers so many health benefits (other than increasing muscle growth). But if you don’t take it, you just might change your mind.

By the way, who says fish oil helps build more muscle with protein?

It’s not me. I’ve never tested it (although I’ve been taking protein and fish oil supplements for years).

The Research

No, in this study researchers looked at the effect of N-3 fatty acids (found in fish oil pills) taken with protein supplementation cancer patients. The findings were a “net gain of weight, lean tissue, and improved quality of life.”[1]

One group took only protein supplement (approximately 23 grams per day). The other group took the same protein supplement with 1.1g EPA (long-chain omega-3 fatty acids). The group that took both the protein and EPA nearly doubled the increase in lean body mass (i.e. increase in muscle mass).[2]

Practical Application

How much fish oil do you need to take? Approximately five 1000 mg fish oil pills per day will do it.[2]


[1] K C H Fearon, et al. Effect of a protein and energy dense n-3 fatty acid enriched oral supplement on loss of weight and lean tissue in cancer cachexia: a randomised double blind trial. Gut 2003;52:1479-1486 doi:10.1136/gut.52.10.1479

[2] Medical Study: protein builds more muscle mass with fish oil.

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