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Anadroll Review - Does A-Drol Work?

If you want increased lean muscle mass, read this Anadroll review.

Anadroll is a safe alternative to Anadrol. They aren’t the same and it’s not a typo. The CrazyMass Anadroll has 2 L’s instead of the 1 L that is associated with the steroid. CrazyMass refers to it as A-Drol and it’s part of their elite series.

What does A-Drol do?

It increased red blood cells and provides ongoing energy during your workouts. At the end of the day the increased blood cells will deliver a pump like no other which will grow lean muscle mass.

Is Anadroll a steroid?

No. It’s closely spelled the same, but it’s a legal steroid alternative. You take it orally. It’s legal. It’s manufactured in an FDA inspected facility by CrazyMass who has been in business for 7 years.

What is A-Drol used for?

It’s specifically developed for bulk and strength lifting cycles. It packs on dense mass by increasing oxygen delivery to your muscles and improving nitrogen retention.

You do not want to use this supplement for cutting cycles. If you’re cutting and getting lean, A-Drol isn’t for you. Once you’re about to start a bulking or strength-building cycle, get this supplement.

Do you have to work out to enjoy gains?

Yes. It’s critically important that you do the right workout in order to enjoy optimal results. You need a great bulking workout and do it regularly. This supplement will not grow muscle simply by taking it.

Moreover, you need to eat right. This is not a protein supplement and does not provide nutrition. Instead, it’s designed to increase oxygen flow to your muscles to speed up growth and prevent fatigue during your workouts.

Who sells this supplement?

CrazyMass is the store that offers this supplement. CrazyMass has been in the supplement business for 7 years (at the time this review was published). Their supplements are developed in FDA inspected facilities. Moreover, their facilities are in the USA.

That said, they ship globally except to the UK.

What kind of gains can you expect?

If you work out hard and eat right and take this supplement consistently, you can expect, according to CrazyMass, gains in the 15 to 20 pounds range during your 1st cycle.

You can expect to see results fairly quickly, in some cases as fast as two weeks.

How is it taken?

It’s not a steroid and it’s not taken via injection. Instead it’s a pill you take orally.

How long is a cycle?

A cycle for using this supplement is 2 months on and 1.5 weeks off.

Customer Reviews

So far results have been fairly positive from customers. Here is some customer feedback:

Anadroll Customer Reviews

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