Best Weight Lifting Music

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Some bodybuilders refuse to use music to help them power through a workout but if you've never used music while you're training then it's highly recommended that you try it and see if it works for you. Not only because it will increase your motivation to push through the many barriers that any good weight training session offers but it will also help you lift a bigger weight.

Weightlifting/bodybuilding is a very demanding sport that demands both strength and stamina. Doing heavy sets of squats and/or clean pulls will take you to the edge of your capability and it demands your physical and mental attention to form when working with maximum weight.

The point is that if you got a great pump-up song blasting in your ears while you're training and hitting these extremes you'll push a bit harder. If you've never tried it then you should give it a try and use the type of songs listed below. Obviously everyone has their own kind of music but if you've never tried it then using the list of songs is highly recommended to make a big difference to your workout.

The list of songs below is separated into different sections of your workout so that you know which songs are recommended for what part of your workout. For example, your warm-up which could include anything from cycling to rowing and stretching should include a song like "Swerve City" by Deflories and "Can't Feel My Face".

As you get going and your body starts to get warmed up and you start working your sets, a song like "Stockholm Syndrome" by Muse is highly recommended. As you get going you should add a song light "Iron Man" by Black Sabbath to really start cranking it up.

Now you're getting serious and increasing the intensity of your workout you should use a song like "Rock or Bust" by AC./DC from the album called Play Ball. You should then include a song like "Don't Stop Me Now: by Queen for when you really get into the heart of your workout as you really start sweating.

Obviously it depends on your specific taste but for the peak of your workout when you are reaching that max effort you should select a song like "Eye Of The Tiger" by Survivor and "In The End" by Linkin Park. As your workout intensity slows down you should add a song like "Snow Hey Oh" by Hot Chilli Peppers is highly recommended.

If you cool-down using something like dynamic stretches, or some gentle cycling or light jogging you should add a relaxing classic like "Jessie's Girl" by Rick Springfield. Music can be very effectively used to keep you motivated during your workout training with weights, the list of songs recommended above are just an example of the countless options available that you can use.

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