Renegade Body Weight Body Building Review
A Jason Ferruggia Workout Program

man doing bodyweight exercisesI didn’t know big-time fitness guy Jason Ferruggia was launching a body weight focused program. As soon as I learned about it, I purchased it.

I’ve been a long-time reader of Jason; his blog is excellent. I’ve never purchased a product from him (I’ve been doing so many other workouts lately), but he’s one of the only guys with a lot of muscle building know-how to launch a body weight only program.

While I prefer lifting weights, I’m all for having some decent body weight programs in my arsenal for those days and weeks I can’t get to the gym. In fact, having one or a few options that doesn’t require going to the gym can be invaluable when you … just … can’t … get … to … the … gym.

I decided it was time to buy a Ferruggia product and this body weight program seemed like a good one to start with. It’s really cheap as well, so that was a bonus.

My first impressions of Jason Ferruggia’s Renegade Body Weight Body Building program:

Please keep in mind that this product was released at the beginning of September 2013 so I haven’t had the opportunity to go through the workouts entirely. This is a first-glance Renegade Body Weight Body Building review to let you know what you get.

A bit of a rocky start because I’m impatient

I paid and was taken to the membership portal and couldn’t find the product at first. I clicked everything. My problem is that I didn’t check my email. NOTICE: If you buy, the PDF program will be e-mailed to you … so wait a few minutes and check your e-mail. I kind of wish the membership portal had a note saying “check your e-mail” … c’est la vie.

I contacted support, but then while in my e-mail the workouts were delivered. All is good.

It’s a 90 day program.

The body weight program is split into 2 week cycles – Workouts A and B. You go through the 2 weeks in cycles for 90 days followed by a deload.

I’m sure you could easily repeat the program and even do it on an ongoing basis … but I haven’t gotten there yet so I’ll have to wait and see what to expect.

What’s included – what do you get?

There are 2 PDF documents. The first one is the main 2 week body weight cycle that you do 4 times. The second PDF is the one week deload program.

Video demonstrations: Yes, there is a full video library demonstrating the exercises in your membership portal (not in the PDF document). This is critically important because you’ll likely not be familiar with some or many of the exercises. I certainly hadn’t heard of some of the exercises – which is cool because this program has a novel component to it.

Private forum access: Jason has a large membership and when you buy the Body Weight Body Building program you get access to the forum. Keep in mind you retain access for as long as you remain a member.

Watch the video above to get a visual of the materials included.

What is the quality of the materials?

Top notch. Jason is a pro and his materials are thorough. Everything is explained. The video library is a necessary component and it’s great he provided it. Keep in mind that this program is relatively inexpensive compared to many other workout programs – in my view Jason over-delivered for the price.

Are there video demonstrations?

Yes. There’s a full video library. However, you’ll have to dig around to find the videos for any particular exercise. There are a ton of videos and the workout program has a good number of exercises so it takes a little bit to locate the right videos.

Are the workouts good?

I haven’t done them yet, but they look good. I’ve read quite a bit of Jason’s body weight articles and he ramps it up a notch with the actual program. Everything is set out for you.

The workouts are structured as follows:

Weeks A & B are structured the same but the workouts are slightly different:

  • Monday: Strength Training
  • Tuesday: Strength Training
  • Wednesday: Soft Tissue Work/Mobility & Flexibility
  • Thursday: Strength Training
  • Friday: Strength Training
  • Saturday: Conditioning Day
  • Sunday: Mobility and Flexibility or Take it Off

There are warm up workouts for the upper body and lower body workouts as well.

Theory behind the Split

On days 1 and 3 you do vertical pushing and pulling with quad exercises. Days 2 and 4 are vertical pushing and pulling along with posterior chain dominant lower body exercises. The result is that days 1 and 3 are more stressful compared to days 2 and 4.

What type of exercises are included?

  • planche pushups
  • ring dips
  • handstand pushups
  • inverted ring shrugs

Plus many more. This isn’t your typical pushup, burpee and pull up body weight program – it’s much more involved and complex (at least at first glance).

Interestingly this program is structured similarly to a weightlifting program with 2-day splits. There is enough body weight exercises and variety to actually target each muscle group. This alone is worth the price of admission.

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