Growth Stimulus Training Workout

Growth stimulus training (GST) is designed for those weight trainers/bodybuilders who get motivated by numbers and percentages. Measurable and specific progress using well-designed workouts focusing on multi-joint compound movements.

Too many bodybuilders trying to build size and strength land up over training. It comes from struggling to always force more weight on the bar. There is a big difference between training hard and training smart. Training hard can and will shorten the strength progression timeline.

But smart training will strengthen your progression timeline, if GST is used correctly. Making conservative increases on the weight lifted, pulled or squatted over a specific and realistic timeframe. GST is able to work from your current strength using multiple lifts and is self-adjusting to suit a specific individual.

The GST workout is able to predict and monitor a low volume approach to weight training specifically designed to increase strength and muscle size fast. Every day has a specific objective which are plotted and planned on a weekly basis using very few, if any, isolation movements.

GST is created for those bodybuilders looking for greater overall strength and size, not trying to re-shape a specific muscle group using isolation movements. The GST workout is a 4-day rotation using each training day to focus on pressing, pulling, lifting or squatting.

The GST has a mandatory 24-hour break from training after every workout. The GST takes muscle recovery very seriously and makes sure that there is never any over-lap on all training days, to ensure no interruption in the recovery process after training.

There are many different GST programs because they are usually specifically designed for each individual based on their current strength levels, experience and specific objective. However, a good basic example of a standard Growth Stimulus Training Workou would look like this:

Workout 1: Squat Training
Core Lift: Front Barbell Squats
Supplement Lift 1: Walking B/B Lunges
Supplement Lift 2: Single Leg-press

Workout 2: Pull Training
Core Lift: Pull-Ups (Multi-Grip)
Supplement Lift 1: Flat D/B Bench Rows
Supplement Lift 2: Seated Cable Rowing (Close-Grip)

Workout 3: Lift Training
Core Lift: B/B Deadlift
Supplement Lift 1: Good Mornings with B/B
Supplement Lift 2: Cable Pull-through

Workout 4: Press Training
Core Lift: Incline B/B Bench-press
Supplement Lift 1: Dips
Supplement Lift 2: Flat D/B Press

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