Natural Ingredients for Low Testosterone

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We all know that men's testosterone (T) levels will peak at around 30 years old, but your T levels continue to play a vitally important role in your general physical health and libido. Testosterone affects everything, your bone density, your lean body mass and your fat storage capacity plus your red blood cell count.

After 30 your T levels can drop drastically leading to low T symptoms, there are more than 5 million men is the USA with low T levels, according to the National Institutes of Health. When your T levels drop dramatically you could experience one or all of the following symptoms.

Lower sexual interest
increased body fat
Difficulty achieving erection
Decreased strength and muscle
Losing body hair
Swelling/tenderness of breasts
Sleep disturbances
Hot flashes
Feeling fatigued, tire easily
Emotional changes, loss of self-confidence
Loss of mental clarity

The conventional testosterone replacement therapies include injections, implants, herbs and gels plus supplements which are added to naturally boost testosterone levels. Some herbs or supplements might not actually increase testosterone levels but will help ease the many symptoms of low T.

It's important to note that herbs and supplements sold as testosterone-boosting remedies do not require any proof by the FDA in order to say that on the packaging, often found at grocery stores and pharmacies. The following four natural T boosters have proven themselves to be effective.

Puncture-vine (Tribulus terrestris)

Is a plant's fruit, and they use all of it, the leaf and the roots in the form of tea, capsules or tablets; Tribulus terrestris should be taken three times a day 85mg to 250mg.

DHEA (Dehydroepiandrosterone)

Is a hormone produced by the adrenal glands, the body then converts DHEA into testosterone and estrogen.

Chrysin (Passiflora incarnate)

Is the flavonoid extract in passionflowers or Passiflora incarnate, or blue passionflowers, in the United States dried passionflower leaves are used in teas.

Long Jack

Also known as Tongkat Ali which is (Eurycoma Longifolia), or Pasak Bumi used a lot in Malaysia because of pro-erectile qualities. It's also widely used in Thailand and other surrounding countries.

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