Lower Body Bodyweight Workout

By Mike Thiga author of The Muscle Experiment

One does not need to have a squat rack or Olympic bars to be able to build a good pair of high-performance legs. Just using your own bodyweight, you can give yourself a good leg workout. There are many people who think it's impossible to build a solid pair or legs with calisthenics training alone.

The following movements may not be familiar to you but over time doing bodyweight movements alone, you could increase both the size and strength of your quads, your hamstrings, and your calves. It will certainly challenge your mobility and your balance. Legs do it!


A1) Single-Leg Box Squats 5 X 12 reps each Rest: 30 seconds

B1) TRX SHELCs 5 X 10 reps Rest: 30 seconds

You should set your TRX handles to about mid-calf height. Then lying on your back with both heels pushed down into your TRX foot cradles. You start by squeezing both your glutes and then extending your hips. Curling both your feet underneath the knees while you keep your hips extended, keeping your body in a straight line, from shoulders to knees. Every inch you're able to curl both feet is another inch that your hips will need to rise.

C1) King Squats 3 X 8 reps slowly 3 seconds down, then 3 seconds up Rest: 30 seconds

From the standing position, you bend one knee by putting your one foot behind you. Squat down till your one bent knee touches the ground. Keeping your bodyweight on your one heel sit backwards and lift both your arms forward while you go downwards.

C2) Alternating Split Squat Jumps 3 X 10 reps Rest: 30 seconds

C3) Single-Leg SHELCs (eccentric) 3 X 8 reps Rest: 30


A1) TRX Assisted Pistol Squats 4 X 15 reps Rest: 60 seconds

Using both TRX straps for support, lift one leg up in front of you, as you squat down on your other leg. Keeping your bodyweight on your one heel, you then sit backward as you go down.

B1) Glute Ham Raise 4 X 10 reps Rest: 30 seconds

C1) Hip-Thigh Extension 4 X 12 reps Rest: 30 seconds

C2) Prisoner Squat Isometrics 4 X Hold for 45 seconds

C3) Bulgarian Split Squat-jumps 4 X 8 (each side) Rest: 30 seconds

D1) TRX Jump Squats 5 X 15 seconds Rest: 15 seconds

Note: For more information checkout The Lost Secrets of Bodyweight Training

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