Is Getting Ripped Worth It?

By Spartan Fitness

Let's examine some pre-conceived ideas about that.

Myth #1: You only need a few small, easy to implement and hopefully imperceptible changes to diet and exercise routines, to get shredded abs, bigger biceps, and tighter glutes.

Myth #2: "Losing fat" involves the full spectrum of painful, intolerable sacrifice, with restriction and deprivation.

Reality #1:

The process that you use to lose "the first 10-pounds" is NOT the same process you'll use to get those "the last 10 pounds" gone. The last 10-pounds in any fat-loss endeavor is always the most difficult.

Reality #2:

Achieving and sustaining a body-fat of less than 10% is easier for a mesomorph but it is not impossible for anyone, it is specific to only your physical response to both diet and exercise manipulation. Achieving that specific look comes with a high cost; one that most people are not willing to pay.

Reality #3:

Even small adjustments, over some time will create a "leaner and healthy" you. Sometimes just a small adjustment can change body-fat and long-term health benefits that can even save, lives.

The benefit you get from taking control of your body-fat is part of your own self-discovery. When you're able to take full responsibility for your own body-fat because you know where and how fat is hidden, there is a sense of freedom that one can achieve which is adjusted to your own specific needs and abilities.

If you fall into the category that actually does get to gym at least three times a week but you see no improvement, then there could be a few solvable reasons why. Too much cardio could easily be the answer but it could also be that you're lifting the same weight, using the same movement month after month.

If you do not put yourself outside your comfort zone when you train then, just like your diet, it will not show benefits. That also includes the awareness of your numbers. Simply knowing the difference in the quality calories that you're consuming is going to make a big difference to controlling your body-fat.

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