The Right Way to do a Push-Up for Chest Mass

The mighty push-up can be used to develop that pop out chest with sleeve ripping arms all year round if used correctly. Most guys who do a push-up will be working their lower pecs too much. Doing a push-up where you're using the lower pecs through most of the motion, as seen in a regular push-up, is something most people do. To work your upper pecs (pectoralis major) you need to change something, a little chest anatomy will help.

The chest has four different muscles: pectoralis major, pectoralis minor, subclavius, serratus anterior. If you want to do push-ups that target your upper chest you need to focus on your pectoralis major, the upper pecs. The Pectoralis major is made from two separate muscles: The Clavicular head (upper-chest) and the Sternal head (lower-chest), a good push-up isolates the clavicular head.

There are many ways to do a push-up, some are better than others but generally most people doing push-ups will use a stance that is too wide, elbows will be flared out and body core would not be tight. The opposite of these need to be strictly enforced if you want to get results and develop a chest from doing push-ups.

The best push-up to specifically isolate your clavicular head or upper chest is The Diamond Pushups, if done correctly they'll build you an iron chest AND triceps. Diamond push-ups will be a lot better than regular push-ups because it not only helps build the upper pecs and triceps, but it's easier on the body.

Below are the instructions for doing a diamond push-up:

Setting up in a normal push-up position with a straight back and a tight core, you then bring your hands together, making a diamond shape with your head on top and your hands the tip of the diamond. While keeping your elbows tight against your body as you screw both your hands into ground.

As you bend your upper arms you keep your abs tight, elbows tucked in till your chest touches the ground. When you push back up off the floor you need to squeeze your upper pecs as you keep both elbows tucked in. The recommended push-up routine below is for those of you who have mastered diamond push-ups.

1st set: 20 reps
2nd set: 20 reps
3d set: 20 reps
4th set: 20 reps
5th set: 20 reps
100 reps total, with a rest of 2 to 3 minutes between sets .

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