How Much Is Too Much Protein

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You are no-doubt very aware of the popularity with all these new fancy "high-protein" diets. We are going to briefly examine what the cost of eating too much protein means. It must be assumed that we are all aware that for protein to be absorbed correctly it cannot/should not be over-heated or burned.

Just like anything in life, it requires balance and moderation to be healthy. Consuming too much protein will result in a range of complications, from gaining body-fat to dehydration and extra strain on your kidneys. There is also an increase "leaching" of precious bone minerals when your protein intake is too high.

As we get older our ability to process the protein we ingest gets slower so we have to eat more protein. In men, protein will help to preserve your lean muscle usually lost as we age. All high quality proteins, organic protein sources that do not have preservatives and coloring are absorbed a lot quicker than cheap protein sources, like a burger.

There are some good reasons to limit your protein intake because science is now able to show that consuming excess protein on a long-term basis could cause elevated blood sugar, weight gain, cancer and yeast over-growth. Your increased blood sugar levels (BSL) feeds your pathogenic bacteria and your yeast build-up, like Candida albicans (candidiasis).

Another study has shown excessive protein will stimulate a biochemical pathway called mTor (mammalian target of rapamycin). It's important because mTOR in your blood will spur on the progression of many cancers. Reducing protein to the mTOR your body needs will minimize the chances of any farther cancer growth.

Consuming too much protein, the body is forced to remove excess nitrogen-waste products, stressing your kidneys more. A recent study done on competing athletes taking excess protein showed chronic dehydration and an increased risk of developing kidney stones.

You may be interested to note that recently there have been a few studies done on how excess protein intake can affect your longevity. The specific amino acid that causes the immune system to weaken and reduce longevity is methionine, found in most be meats.

On the flip-side one should also note that the UL (Tolerable Upper Intake Level) of protein you can ingest without getting negative results (nausea and/or toxicity) is not published. A study done on this subject submitted by Dr. Lemon says that taking in 1 to 2 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight has not shown to cause a "dose-response relationship" showing UL for any of the essential amino acids.

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