Wall Walking Workout

By Spartan Fitness

The wall walking workout is exactly that, it's a workout for your whole body, strengthening all your core muscle and more. The target for a good workout is only 4 or 5 reps from start to finish, you'll feel it work. The reason why it is good for anyone who engages is weight training to build muscle is twofold.

The first reason is that this movement will increase your core strength which will directly translate into an increase in your lean but mass. The second reason is science has now clearly proven that when a muscle is elongated and contracted at the same time it tears the muscle fibers.

This is the primary objective for any bodybuilder trying to increase the size of a muscle, muscle group or generally increase lean body mass. Progressive resistance comes from the muscle damage caused by training and the repair from that damage for 48-hours post-workout.

The primary muscles engaged in the Wall Walk are the shoulders, most movable and flexible joint in your body. Because of its extreme range of motion, it is unstable. It is this instability that increases the chances of joint injury. You should be able to do a handstand for a couple seconds before attempting a wall walk.

Before we describe Wall Walks it needs to be stressed that this is a rather extreme exercise and should you suffer from back pain after or during the first rep, then you need to first strengthen your back by doing movements like deadlifts and good mornings. Breathe slowly and regular throughout the movement:

Wall Walk

Step 1:

Start by getting into a handstand position with your feet leaning against a wall, so you're facing the wall upside down.

Step 2:

You then walk forward on your hands until your feet touch the floor. But this is only halfway through the first rep, because now you got to walk your feet back up the wall into the handstand position that you started from.

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